Update - 3/13/02 - Added some stuff to the "other" section, "A World of Joy," to the games section, and made a few minor changes.

Here it is you all say to yourself, the zzt section was here a long time ago. It is now revived, because I am actually quite active in the world of zzt now...when I can fit it into my schedual. For those of you who are confused by the name Chris Ward, then you probably know me in the zzt commune at wayward. And for those of you who don't know, ZZT is a very old game creation system that came out in 1992 and was already well out of date. It only uses ACSII characters, so don't expect dazzling graphics. However, it has a very simple yet flexible programming language, so it's cool. So yay, here is the revival of any other zzt page I ever made. Features will be added as I see fit. Everything on here is copyright of Chris Ward (all rights reserved) except for zzt...so BOOYEAH. Have fun looking around.

Games - All of the games made by wayward can be downloaded here.
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If you want to be weird and email my zzt persona (which is very simmilar to me in real life, do it by clicking here.


Warning! All of these games contain CONTENT. Yep, that's right. If you can't handle it, tough cookies, I didn't put you at gunpoint and make you download this did I? Games are in order of release. And of course, in order to play any of these games you will need to download ZZT into it's own directoy and download all of these games into the same directory.

To a Pretty Place High in the Sky - My first game that other people in the commune saw. It was for a 24hozzt contest (where people make a zzt game in 24 hours). The topic of this game was space, and this game is ugly and poorly written. Of course, it's my first actual release, and that was a long time ago...yay. It's about two cavemen and invaders from the future. YAY

Within - This is yet another 24hozzt game, this time the topic was Fantasy. People enjoyed this game, and they enjoyed it enough so that I was in a tie for 9th with another person out of many contestants (I think 28...could be wrong). This game delves into the world of Thomas Iner, a simple man who is thrown into a very fucked up situation. I'm not exactly sure what genre you can put this under other than "interactive story".

It's Not Mine! - This is a terrible collection of stuff by me that was thrown out there just for fun. For some reason, it was nominated for a Hoodian Award for "Best Game/Art/Music Collection", an award this "thing" did not deserve. It contains a demo for Octagon, part of a crap game called DaDeDaDeDa which I may remake someday, Within, and TaPPHitS.

ZZTV #4 - This wasn't actually created by me, but I contributed to it, so I am putting it in here. My work can be found under the channel #oblivion (named after a poem found on this page). Just so you know, ZZTV is a game/magazine where people submit anything they want to so that other people can see it. It ranger from ads to art and anything inbetween.

Octagon - Nominated for four Hoodian Awards and winner of the Hoodian Award for Best Story, this game combines a very dark atmosphere with many different puzzles. All in all, a good game that is worth the download. This is also my first stand alone game that I have ever released. It is also my favorite of my two full length zzt games.

ZZTV #5 - Once again, I didn't make this all on my own, but there is a much improved and stylized #oblivion in there, and in my oppinion it is the second best channel in this game. Horay!

Within v1.9 - This is my second full length ZZT game, this is a remake of an older 24hozzt game that can also be found on this page. Follow the odd and disfunctional story of Thomas Iner...just like the other game!!! Except the writing has been improved, as has the music, as has the graphics. Also, more days have been added onto the game so that it wouldn't be so short. Play it, people say it's my best game so far. It did win this after all.

A World of Joy - A small 24hozzt game that I made for the Fall 2001 competition. I actually got 4th place, which shocked me. I did not make this with the intent of winning, and it shows.

Apud le Medius Res - This is a very strange and purposfully confusing game. You wake up, walk around, do stuff, and it ends. Then again, the joy is in the actual playing, and impact...well, just play it and see for yourself. This is probably my last zzt game.


I doubt I'll ever work with ZZT ever again...enjoy what's still here!


Well, here's some other stuff, just follow the links.

An image I made as a quasi ERI logo.
A picture that I threw into my zzt games. I stole it from a shirt of mine.
Here's a map of one of the areas of Octagon.
This is an old, out dated, and never finished guide I made for new zzters. YAY!

ZZT Links

Well, here are links to other zzt sites. These are the good ones, these are the ones I visit. May not seem like much, but hey, these are the only zzt links you will ever need.

zzt.org - This webpage has well over 1000 zzt games, and all of the zzt games released over the past few years can be found here. In a phrase, "your one stop zzt game depot."

Interactive Fantasies - As much as you might like to think so, this is not a porn site. Rather, this is the page of Herc, a really cool dutch zzter, and his zzt company called IF. There is tons of info about zzt in general here.

Eaglerock Interactive - This is the webpage of the zzt company I'm in. Horay, I'm putting it up here because I have pride. It is also the oldest still running zzt company.

ZZT sucks, I want to go back to the real site!