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The Pen is mightier than the sword, for while the sword can make someone fall with a single swipe, a pen can touch someone with a single swipe

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  • Sunrise
  • No Texture
  • Being Home Soon
  • Sandmist
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  • 10:11 AM
  • Goner
  • Redemption
  • Escape
  • Sick in Class
  • You Yes You
  • What a Trip
  • Waiting Watching Worrying
  • Circle K
  • Seek
  • Addict
  • Mighty Trees
  • Idiot Boy
  • Anonymous

    Person 1

    1/15/99; 11:01 AM

    If you could've never wanted
    What you shouldn't have gotten
    Then you might want to go away

    There may be some paranoia among you
    I know you aren't very descrete
    But you want to manipulate
    Rather love than to hate
    But you know it won't be the same

    You may have thought
    Another one, another shot
    You already had 19
    They put you in home
    You sat there all alone
    By yourself, with a moan
    You would never be the same again

    I think you may wonder why
    Life can be one great lie sometimes
    Another day, another night
    Another wrong, another right
    If only you knew where to begin

    Person 2

    1/15/99; 11:15 AM

    It's funny how sometimes in life
    We may not always get what we want
    You, you have what plenty want
    But you only wish you were someone else

    I may seem strange
    About all of these days
    And how they could've been
    I've known you for many years
    Maybe eight or nine or ten
    But if it were different
    Where would we be now

    We grew together like stepping stones
    Entwined and twisting through the yard
    Broke the same bones
    No need to worry now though
    You can always rest
    Your life is going fine now
    You have always been quite the best
    Stay confident and true

    You have quite a way to go
    But knowing how you handle things
    You're already on the right road


    1/20/99; 9:39 PM

    The door opened
    A thin glare of light beamed in
    I heard moaning down the hall
    Not that I wasn't interested
    But it slipped my mind
    Until that voice began to call

    Shrills, shrieks, and shudders,
    All of the most painful pain
    They were piercing and putrid
    But pitiful all the same

    It was that glowing voice
    That rang like a bell
    It was that sweet aroma
    With a pungent smell
    And as the battle ax
    Crushed the crown of thorns
    I looked with my eyes
    And wished there was more

    If only I had come sooner
    I probably would've seen it
    But after a quick contemplation
    I decided it was best to leave it


    1/21/99; 6:56 AM

    Tell me why you can't be so kind
    As to tell me
    What you tell everyone else
    I have this strong feeling of dejection
    With a small dash
    Of ultimate rejection

    Put on your coat
    Put on your hat
    You'd leave me to burn
    And you'd like it just like that

    You hang with your cronies
    Way too much
    I wonder sometimes
    Why you can't hang with someone else

    Are you too weak
    Or are you too strong
    As soon as you find something good
    You wish it was gone

    You want to stay, you want to go
    But many times you really don't know
    You've gone insane
    It serves you right
    So just wonder the streets
    In the middle of the night


    1/21/99; 8:06 AM

    A flickering light
    Rises in the sky
    As we watch
    The light blinds our eyes

    A pale orange falls over the land
    The crickets stop chirping
    They're glad they can
    The night was long
    The night was wet
    It rained last night
    But now the sun is set

    The east horizon glows
    The dark retreats
    A new day is born
    And we're only just awakening

    One small worry
    I woke up a little late
    Too bad I overslept

    No Texture

    1/21/99; 11:43 AM

    Of all the people wondering
    What's going on in the world
    Who care about what's coming
    Or if cows are in a herd
    Does anyone really listen
    To what everyone has to say
    If anyone could wonder
    Why tomorrow is after today

    Does anyone really care for imagination
    If not then we're in a bad situation
    If I sit and think in a spot
    About why pigeons carry rocks
    Tell me if people agree with my thoughts

    If a small skipping stone
    Down a lake went awry
    Would anyone care to catch it
    While it flies
    Or would it sink down the bottom of a well
    Now tell me if this isn't very swell

    A small little rooster sings while the gales are high
    But since no one care to listen then my conscious is blind
    But many people don't like it when I think that way
    If that's so then I'd rather be insane

    Being Home Soon

    1/21/99; 1:20 PM

    If you could worry
    About if things are doing well
    Then tell me if you'd like to be felled
    For a fallen comrade
    Or a worried little trouble
    Would you be so kind
    As to help a poor troubled fellow

    I was fishing one day
    In a rather small sea
    I caught a large fish
    But it escaped me
    Not because it broke my line
    Only because no one wished to help me
    They didn't have time

    So I lost my fish
    And I had no dinner
    Don't people degrade others who grow thin?
    I'm not quite obese
    But I'm almost like a stick
    And because you keep nagging
    I've become very sick

    I lay in my bed
    Looking at the ceiling
    It's chipping slowly
    And is becoming very boring


    1/22/99; 7:21 AM

    There was one strange day
    When it started raining sand
    Even though it hurt
    It wasn't so bad
    The beaches got a coast
    The Blacks got a roast
    And even if brown was cascaded all around
    At least I know I can still see the ground

    My feet tread
    Where water once flowed
    The sand continued raining
    And I almost drowned
    Down it went, and down I went
    Only for these little grains did I have no choice

    Many tried to hurry
    But their cars were stuck
    They cursed the sand
    But the rain wouldn't stop
    It kept on going and the oceans were full
    And it didn't let up until it made a sad brown world

    It wouldn't want to stop
    After it did just start
    The big brown rain just couldn't stop
    So I went into my house to take cover
    The rain didn't stop and I did shiver


    1/26/99; 2:04 PM

    My girlfriend has a cute little face
    Too bad she's lost her place
    She don't know quite where to go
    Or what to do
    And she can't use that oversaid phrase
    I love you

    My girlfriend
    She is a stick
    But when we talk she thinks she's a blimp
    Oh no, please don't cry
    I want to see you smile when I say goodbye

    But please when your days are done
    I tried my best to have fun
    Maybe you didn't like it
    Maybe you liked it a lot
    But you looked really shot

    Now you say go away, I hate you
    I don't want it to end this was
    And even though you say you hate
    I doubt you've ever before
    Hate like love its just a word to you

    But you little hollow tree
    You meant something to me
    But now I'm gone
    And you'll be lost for good


    1/26/99; 2:14 PM

    Building blocks left on a hill
    Some child's small dream was left there
    He almost had a nice belief
    Then the recess bell

    It rang
    A loud beep
    It could be heard down the street
    Down the halls
    All along the school ground
    He left it there all alone
    It stood in the wind
    But fell to the cold

    In deep dark rage
    He left his unfinished business
    He left his blocks on the hill
    Hoping to get back to them

    And during class
    His mind is distracted
    Little blocks falling down
    And building a structure

    And the boy came back
    His blocks were gone
    Some heartless thief
    Knew his dream all along
    He took his blocks
    And built a house
    A stolen brickmound
    With locked windows and shutters
    Enraged the boy went home
    But only to get better blocks

    10:11 AM

    1/29/99; 10:11 AM

    A faucet in a bathroom
    In a toilet far away
    Was turned off after many drippings
    Kept the man going along

    And so he stoop up
    And walked out of the room
    Down the halls, out the door
    But forgot to wear his shoes

    He opened his umbrella
    When it was raining slightly
    He ran down the hill
    And opened his coffer rightly

    But his cubbord was empty
    After his belly had been filled
    So he ran across the corssroads
    And did it all over again

    He liked his sandals
    But he always wore his shoes
    He wasn't happy when the sun was out
    To brighten up his gloom
    So he went down the street
    And he got to the store
    After he drank five
    He bought four more


    2/11/99; 6:33 PM

    Isn't it nice to know
    That you aren't love so
    That you aren't the object of affectoin
    These are children's desires

    But what if someone woke up
    And found the world had nothing for them
    Would that person die right there
    Or would he fall asleep again

    What would you do in this situation
    Give up on a world without hope?
    Would you try to find what you lost
    Or give up and be done with it

    I'm sure you are troubled
    You've felt a pain like this before
    A pain so similar in fact
    That it began to awake once more

    The bellows are open and the ducts are full
    Why don't you wish to cry?
    It took you all this time
    To figure out my life's a lie


    2/11/99; 6:50 PM

    "Oh no, not again!" you shout
    as you fall from that tree
    you curse it while you're on the ground
    may I remind you what you did to me?

    You belittle me as you hate me
    You slap me back and forth
    You hated my guise as well as my guile
    No matter how pitiful I looked
    But I can only laugh
    For I know you'll get your just reward

    Now you thrust your arm towards me
    You truly seek assitance
    But as I help you in kind hearted kindness
    You sling me to the ground

    You stand over me now
    Pointing your finger in glee
    But before you go to leave me alone
    You just had to spit on me

    Someone saw what was going on
    They ran to the authorities
    You wanted to settle this once and for all
    Or at least go down fighting

    You lunge towards me with a knife
    I smile as I draw my sword
    You wince in pain as you got what you asked for
    You got your just reward


    2/22/99; 1:24 PM

    It was dark in a room
    On an autumn winter's eve
    I looked around the shady spots
    All hiding under the tree

    Withdrawn was I from all of this
    But oh the pleasure of the sight
    Wonderful birds chirping
    Colorful incects grabbing my sight

    Still withdrawn from all of this
    I only wished for more
    But I was locked in my room
    The lights were off
    The windows open
    And the blinds have been brought down
    And even the sight of all these free things
    Raised my hopes of leaving this town

    I didn't like it
    Not at all
    This dreary place I lived
    With such unloving company
    Those that I call kin
    Those who are happy to speak their mind
    So to my room did I hide

    Out the window I looked
    Finding light in my dimmed room
    Watching the squirrels and ants
    As they prance about happily

    All the more did I yearn for more
    As my parents angerly beat the door
    Hasten quick did they want me outside
    "It's rake time!" my dad did cry

    Reluctantly, I was pulled out
    As my dad took on day's agression
    But soon I run from him
    Not to the hills
    But to my room
    Where my parents didn't want me
    They banged on the door
    But I wasn't in a hurry

    Watching again
    A new green yard
    Graced by the warm spring light
    As nature runs happily along
    While I'm stuck in this plight

    Sick in Class

    2/25/99; 12:50 AM

    I was sitting in a room
    Not a living room
    Only the Physics room
    The air was real stale
    The windows? They weren't open
    My stomach was filled with queeze
    As I almost lost it on the floor
    I almost cried "I can't take it anymore"

    I'dbreak out of the room
    If I could, but it wouldn't happen
    It was lock down time
    A code 117
    I know that may sound as strange as it seems
    It's just an excuse for this hypocracy

    I tried to jump ou the window
    The steel wiring kept me out
    From the outside world I was thinking about

    So I tried once again to pass my time
    Physics class is really boring when your grades are fine
    The bell will ring in 20 minutes
    I can't take it anymore
    Fortunantly we had an assymably
    And I was let go

    You Yes You

    2/26/99; 2:03 PM

    Get your hands off me
    Yes, you heard me right
    Get away from me
    You can't influence me
    Even if I'm in the brig tonight

    You've chased me for days
    I've lead you into lies
    It always has been the same
    You think I'm trailer trash
    Getting all the little boys drunk
    You've chased me for days
    'cause you thought I really stunk

    You thought I laundered smut
    Yes you thought I was the same
    You never thought it the same
    Yes you were the hawk
    That swooped around the block
    And I know you hated it
    So you just chased after me
    Someday, you will feel sorry

    You will be the saddest thin of all
    The lowly stones will laugh at you
    Yes, they will laugh all right
    As you trip and fall again

    What a Trip

    3/5/99; 7:10 AM

    If you ever worry that nothing will happen
    Then you better get over it
    It ain't happening again
    No next time, so sorry

    What could've you done
    You might have liked it a little more
    Humored someone else by letting go
    Humbled yourself by faking it
    So that someone may have liked it

    I know that tipping cows used to be fun
    For almost everyone you know
    But you got bored
    Then worried, wondering what to do
    So you left to go on a vacation

    And when you got back everything had changed
    The women had beards
    And the guys, they had never gotten paid
    There was no second chance for you
    They grew without you
    And six weeks later
    They had forgotten what to say

    Waiting Watching Worrying

    3/5/99; 7:23 AM

    The days and nights
    They pass away today
    Interesting how a night can last all day
    You sit by your window
    Watching, waiting for someone to come by
    You waited desperately
    Until someone heard you cry

    You cried really loud
    Yes you cried and you yelled
    You little baby
    Someone came to save you
    But only so they could abuse you

    The next thing I know
    I was running on the rock
    What could I do?
    I was there to raise the flocks
    And maybe I took a wrong turn
    Probably too soon
    That would explain the predicament

    So I ran in fast at high tide
    I was trying to hide
    From the pain this day had brought me
    I watched the sunset in the morning hour
    But it reminded me of that too

    Circle K

    3/5/99; 11:05 AM

    I went to the store one day
    Just to get some cheese
    Get some milk
    And dairy related products like ice cream

    But Win-Dixie bought Wall-Mart
    And Food Lion sold out to Harris Teeter
    And since I'm low on money
    I'm better off with Circle K

    I went in the store
    The bell beeped twice
    I looked around
    And found liquor next to ice

    The hot dogs sold for five
    But the smokes were set for twenty
    A small man behind the counter watched me
    He was looking rather lonely

    His dark eyes scared me
    But I couldn't leave the store
    It would be rude for a customer to leave
    Without paying for some more

    So I got my milk, I got my cheese
    And other dairy products
    My credit was over limit
    But the cash I paid was modest


    3/8/99; 12:29 PM

    A day or two I found it
    It was hard, It was rough
    Another day or two I lost it
    It was sad, it was tough
    But maybe a worry with a little trouble
    Can help this gleaming mess
    Maybe I could try to find another one
    Or maybe I'll just digress

    Have you ever lost your pride
    Loosing what you thought you could find
    Another day, another night tomorrow
    And maybe things will be all right

    Sure you didn't see the way I had led you
    It was better for you than for me
    Another day I'll try it again and again
    Maybe I'll get it, finally

    For the next day
    The next one who tries it
    You're just too proud to find it true
    You'll just try it again and again
    But you may not get
    What you thought that you wanted
    Or what was coming to you


    3/10/99; 11:38 AM

    Door's closed and I lost the key
    What a shame since no one was staying with me

    I bummed on the street for one week
    I wasted time for days
    The work bells sounded
    And I woke up
    To check the papers for a place to stay

    I could have wondered the streets
    Like the bum that I was
    But we all know I was too good for this
    So why you ask?
    Just because

    I'm not angry
    I'm just infuriated
    With the ways of my life
    But there isn't much I can do
    This pain is the way of my strife

    I smoked the week
    I shot the stuff
    I dumped my money on cocaine
    Even if I lost my pain for five minutes
    It was still here to stay

    Mighty Trees

    3/11/99; 8:52 AM

    Mighty trees, majestic oaks of the woods
    I demand you give me shade
    Look, I'm human
    And I'm your boss
    Because I have two legs

    Mighty trees, scruffy pines of the woods
    I demand you get out of the way
    I'm building a housing complex
    To collect some rent
    For giving people a place to stay

    Mighty trees, tender poplars
    You aren't very popular to me
    You loose your leaves
    That I must rake
    By god! You're just a tree

    Mighty trees, oh you sticky firs
    You are the most annoying of them all
    You drip your sap
    As I pass you with my ax
    By it, you will be the first to fall!

    Idiot Boy

    3/11/99; 12:43 PM

    It's just you versus stupidity
    And you were up five
    But idiocy came back
    And caught you from behind

    You try to fight it
    You try to hide it
    But you are too dumb to run from it
    You're too stupid to stop being stupid
    Yes you're too dumb but you're out of luck

    "Don't blame me! I'm stupid!"
    Ain't an excuse no more
    As you run into a pole
    After avoiding the hole
    Someone reaches to help you
    But your shoes are stuck in the mud
    You're lying on the ground
    Tough luck bud

    It's just you versus stupidity
    But you've got no game
    The blind led the blind
    And now you're caught lame
    You're stuck, you're lost, and you're really hurt
    It's okay though
    You didn't know it could get worse


    3/15/99; 12:44 PM

    I'm just talking to myself
    And no one else
    So don't look at me so strange
    Don't listen to what you don't want to hear
    Don't forget what I told you
    And please don't listen

    I'm sure you don't like me
    You said you never want to talk to me again
    I know you'll forget about it tomorrow
    Forget about all the pain that I've caused
    And all that you have lost
    Just don't come crying to me

    You blamed me, you said you'd sue me
    Get your lawyer in his spiffy suit and spank me
    And then you'll laugh
    You'll laugh at me and the way I talk
    And just laugh at me and the way I walk
    You'll just laugh your troubles away

    You'll look back at this day
    And see how little it was worth
    You made fun of me but at least I could take it
    And you'll cry at all the pain you've caused
    And you'll cry at all the life you've lost
    Yes, please huddle in your little corner and cry the day away

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