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The Pen is mightier than the sword, for while the sword can make someone fall with a single swipe, a pen can touch someone with a single swipe

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  • Natural Humans
  • Yellow Light, Red Light
  • Frain Sack on My Chest
  • Lost Inside
  • A Child Near the Ocean
  • Second Impression on the First Chance
  • Mr. Scott
  • A Ray
  • Third Year
  • Cantable'
  • Potentially Semi-Destuctive
  • Journyman
  • Trash
  • Breaking Mind
  • My Crutch
  • 9th String
  • If Everything in Life was a Sonnet
  • Spellbound
  • Something Hit the Fan
  • Oblivion
  • Noon Time Driving
  • August
  • Ending Travesty

    Natural Humans

    6/9/99; 11:56 AM

    Tear down all the buildings
    They obstruct my view
    I'm tired of seeing them
    Civilization has scarred the land
    Things are sad and I'm not glad
    Such a lovely place put to waste

    The rain enters from the west
    And gray cascades the mountains
    Such a lovely view of a scarred land
    Is obstructed once again

    Don't think it's the buildings
    It is not their fault
    Just a human mind for war
    Is what gave them their start

    And I know if human aesthetics
    Had not touched the mountain side
    Most certainly would've life continued by

    So tear down the building
    They obstruct our view
    Of the beauty of the mountains
    That once was true

    Eons ago these mountains
    Were as gray as the rain
    But the trees gave things a place to stay
    But now that we practiced our crafty ways
    The fields are now where things must stay

    Yellow Light, Red Light

    7/2/99; 1:30 AM

    Car doors slammed closed for my slow ride home
    Everything has been taken from me
    Not by the prime suspect
    No, that would be too easy

    More like an old acquaintance
    Who had left for a while
    And decided to come bug me again

    The car starts, yellow light, red light
    As we try to figure out where to go
    We do not know which way is home
    We know where it is
    But the air is tinted with a summer night's chill

    Green, and we rush on ahead
    Or as fast as 45mph would take us
    What a law-abiding citizen the driver was
    Too bad we got stuck again
    Yellow, then red, figures

    But this time it struck, like an ice-cold fork
    Chilling the coldest reaches of my body even more
    My heart was bleeding

    Green, again I am jolted
    Another intersection departed
    And I see the light ahead
    It has been green for a while now
    Fate, never the friend, always the fiend

    Yellow light, red light
    I stopped and it went for the kill
    And before I knew it there was a void in my soul
    That no human could have put there

    A part of me has just been ripped out
    And the wound doesn't want to heal
    It enjoys this newfound sorrow
    My blood dripping sparatically and slow

    A look ahead and before I knew it
    The traffic lights were playing their devilish games
    Stopping me as soon as I started
    Leaving me for before
    Stabbing, tearing, eating my soul
    Only leaving me with a small and pitiful shred

    Grain Sack on My Chest

    7/5/99; 5:27 PM

    Dreams fly much like birds
    And like birds they fly very far
    But when they land
    It's over the horizon
    And you'd never know it's there

    Yes, it's gone again
    My innocence and free thinking
    Bequeathed to me
    It's lost, and its not coming back
    Or things won't be the same

    Ignorance and ignoring
    Why again do we forget?
    But I know it doesn't matter
    A distant laughing
    In a land far away
    But it doesn't care about me

    So should I care what it says,
    Even though it doesn't know me?
    I'm just an affection-starved freak
    It doesn't help me to know
    That I'm not the center of the show
    But that matter isn't going to change

    Lost Inside

    7/13/99; 11:03 PM

    A bite, nothing more than a nibble
    That was all it took to get me in a tizzy
    I was dizzy, not wise and not right
    My mind was shut tight to the world around
    And what a stormy one it was

    The last of the lights flickered out
    As the snake's venom curdled through my blood
    And my darkness is worry, pain, and sorrow

    "Things that come in threes don't leave with ease."
    My mother once said to me
    But when you're in a fight
    And losing much of what you held close in life
    Where else should those things go?

    I'm lying helpless after I fell down the stairs
    And the frothy liquid keeps seeping in
    Turning my leg hard as stone
    And to the ugliest black imaginable

    I look up with a wince of pain
    Looking for someone to give me a hand
    But I'm here alone with no such friend

    I do see the instigator or my emotional fallout
    Eagerly, he walks to me again
    And as he delivers the kiss of death
    There is more venom in my ear

    A Child Near the Ocean

    7/23/99; 12:21 AM

    Oceans, storming the sands
    Of tides that rinse to and fro
    Something so majestic
    Is really unrelenting
    It's growing to not go away

    And what it might have done
    It does again
    Its cycles are ruled by the moon
    And in those that it meets
    That have had what I've had
    They know their numbers are few

    Never has a calendar date made my heart skip
    Not even Christmas Eve
    It's been two months since my love was affirmed
    It had been there for a while
    But finally the public could see it
    I've learned to never hide something so true

    Oceans, a body in the same
    And I know what it holds
    Seadwellers wonder what the surface is like
    But land lovers wonder too

    Ripples in the sea that are blocked
    They are called waves
    And being denied is man's only true shame
    So behold what I've told you
    Now hold it close
    And don't let it slip away soon

    With the sands at the beach
    A child's dream built sandcastles
    But the ocean has torn them down
    The seas don't like what the land has built
    But the children will try again

    And even if just for a second
    I could hold that dream in my head
    The one the oceans will tear down
    Feeling abound with my senses off the ground
    Oh to know the feelings of dreams achieved

    Tomorrow, it won't be there
    The oceans reclaiming what is rightfully theirs
    But one day I'll forget the violence
    Of the ones from the sea
    And the silence that transpired

    I'll look back and there will be no overcast sight
    Just a beautiful sandcastle
    And the most wonderful delight

    Second Impression on the First Chance

    7/25/99; 5:52 PM

    Of the bliss of knowing you missed your shot
    Strange indeed, for stories tell
    That men who succeed never fail
    But I know no life is faultless

    I could've gone to Valhalla
    A land of wonderful struggle
    But I waited, got scared and missed
    I tried again
    For death in battle is quite honorable
    But I didn't die

    I was disappointed at first
    I didn't get what I always wanted
    My ticket to heaven
    Was stolen by a dead man

    Seclusion and pouting followed
    And I never returned to the arena
    But the days stopped being so rainy
    Things were better
    And I was able to wake at 5:30

    Watching the sunrise was pleasing at one time
    But now that the clouds are out of the way
    My smile has come much quicker

    Mr. Scott

    8/1/99; 2:48 PM

    Mean Mr. Scott
    A drill sergeant of a man
    Doing what he can to ruin my day
    Getting drunk on the lawn all day long
    And barking at me for his convenience

    He's quite a dog
    That mean Mr. Scott
    And only a select few see it
    His associates say
    He's the ideal businessman
    Doing what he can
    Letting no one get in his way

    Mr. Scott is indeed the worst of the crop
    Saying you should only love for looks
    Earn money by triple checking your books
    If he had a heart I'd call him heartless
    That's just the man he is
    Success is life's only goal
    And the greenback is the key
    But it's obvious what Mr. Scott doesn't know

    Mr. Scott, can't you see?
    You've driven your children off
    And you drive your wife crazy
    You're blind because you don't care
    My dear Mr. Scott
    You need to love more
    Your family shouldn't be your worse investment

    A Ray

    8/9/99; 11:03 PM

    A tray by my table
    Reminds me of the food I just ate
    Man, was that one disgusting plate
    It had all this mushy stuff
    Something squiggly resembling meat
    Why can't they feed me through a tube?

    I see the tray, but look above it
    Past it, the purple sky of today's sunset
    Overcastting that dreary reminder
    Making me think for a while

    I watched that entire sunset
    So intently a nurse thought I was dead
    That is until I told her "Get out of the way!"
    I enjoyed my moments in the sun

    As the sun set on the tray it blazed with fire
    And the tray suddenly didn't looks so bad
    I lost the thought of the food I had
    For it was the sun's shining that made everything right
    Made my life worth living
    It brought my joy to light

    Oh how hard it would be to live without the sun
    And all it took was one ray
    For my day to be won

    Third Year

    8/12/99; 10:40 PM

    Rings, pings and other things
    Hit my head like a hammer
    As I touch anything metallic
    Before turning on the shower

    A long warm shower it will be
    I've been reading of murder all day
    What hope I hold
    Is this shower calms my nerves
    And stops the pings in my back

    Line three, page six
    Already, my elbow begins to tingle
    The preceding introduction is to blame
    Twenty pages, have these publishers no shame?
    But this price is meant for me
    I, who run from the Berini Machine

    More like "The Berini Sprocket"
    I'm not running from here but IB
    The monstrosity almost clamped its jaws
    But I exited gracefully
    That is, if you call gracefully running into the door

    Now a beacon of light is before me
    But it will have to wait
    For I've sold my soul to AP courses
    And thus have sealed my fate


    8/13/99; 9:40 PM

    Candle wicks
    Once was will come again
    I sing a song with my pen
    By candlelight
    Dimming my eyes quite nicely

    Moons stars and sunshine
    Mean nothing but the same to me
    Luminescent luminaries
    Lighting ground; shining through trees

    And oh do the rustle
    Melodies swaying in their footsteps
    They dance, sing
    Cry out joyously
    The night owl swoops with glee

    This night is a nice harmony
    The scent is penetrating
    Relaxing my lungs
    Lighting by writing light can be blinding
    In more ways than one

    Dreams, wishes, hopes
    Can be answered this post August summer night
    But time runs out quickly

    Potentially Semi-Destructive

    8/17/99; 9:31 PM

    A bullet
    Its power can bring parents to their knees
    Its potential make them disroughtfully distrustful
    Pointing fingers at all who might lack sanity
    They stare at me
    Bewildered by my lonely appearances

    Polls show that I'm prone to pull a gun
    A poor childhood blackens my name
    As does my tones and muse
    My clothes make them suspicious
    But it's my writing they fear

    Writings isn't all dainty and merry
    Nor is life a walk through the park
    That doesn't make writing true to life
    And they won't control my thoughts

    Intelligence is what I seek
    In this world of ineptitude
    And raising lands for greater life
    Is not life's only answer

    I look at life and wish it well
    I think back to other's stories of Hades
    Never again will I ever detest
    The lesson of "Keep fear at bay"


    8/18/99; 2:07 PM

    A foreign man in a foreign land
    Where one is the company I keep
    "Myself, I, solitary and alone" said the Journeyman
    "an opportune time to contemplate."

    Laughter echoes through the woods
    This is something he's not used to
    Their eyes are prying yet unseeing
    To the mystery before them
    A whisk of the wind and he's gone

    Only after a while did he return
    This not so foreign man to the land
    The forest echo with wonder
    Of why they went through such neglect

    Later, the man was not foreign at all
    The forest became his home
    Such a sanctuary of sweet music
    Only befitted his taste
    But he still had much to explore


    8/23/99; 12:22 PM

    The cobwebs and dust
    They only clog my nose
    Deadening my sense of hearing
    For I am without smell
    Utteral confusions is divulging my mind
    What a delicacy I must say
    Too bad I have gone blind

    Let me wallow in my filth
    I had no clue it was there
    And before everything is said and done
    It will be enough to bear
    But forgetting the reasoning
    Of the mess that lies before me
    It has lost all its meaning
    So when can I go home?

    Any place is better than here
    This land of time that moves slow
    I want to go home
    To the land of beauty and my beloved
    Oh if only I could get what I wanted
    Than this just wouldn't have to be

    To the far off prairie land I'd sail
    To return to the land of buzzing bees
    I can't wait for that time again
    That fleeting time to flee
    So that I may finally be free

    Breaking Mind

    8/23/99; 1:44 PM

    A final shake of the stick
    The fruit fell from the tree
    Worms lost the fight of their life
    And they fell all over me

    Worries, troubles, thoughtless lies
    Besieging my mind
    Beating me dry
    Happenings, hardships, and trouble abound
    Hit the ground
    Cuz I'm running out of town

    My tailspin may I miss
    My mind is a mess
    One that no one wants to see
    Least wanting is I
    But it's not my choice

    A shadow enveloped the sun
    It used to shine on me some
    Warming my chills till I ran inside
    Skies try to break without hope
    But I can't take it anymore

    My Crutch

    8/23/99; 6:44 PM

    They tapped on my shoulder again
    And the tears fell from my eyes
    Again I swallowed my sorrow
    Again I bid my somberness goodbye

    I snatched up my stick
    They told me it was the best crutch
    Something that I had to hold on my own
    And something that held me when I was alone

    A trusty partner, never falling astray
    Leading me down the unbeaten path
    And keeping my legs under me
    Where crutches before had enjoyed whipping them out
    But that's because I didn't know hot to work with them

    My bones clutch to the old ashe crutch
    It needs me like I need it
    Spending its life only to give
    And having a will such as that
    It is one to be envied

    Why carry my crutch wherever I go?
    "Your legs are fine, and there is no snow" they tell me
    I keep it as a reminder
    A token of conceit and consideration
    Words will never tell how much I appreciate it
    But it has gotten me walking again

    Ninth String

    8/24/99; 2:11 PM

    Harps with nine strings
    One is always never heard
    An octave makes eight
    But the ninth's thunder can be heard

    Thunderous yes, but that's why it was tossed
    It wasn't appealing to the rest
    And the harper found the string pointless
    It's very hard to tune
    And doesn't look as beautiful as others

    -PLUCK- and down the can it went
    Falling with a twang
    Hitting the ground with a twitch
    Never again was it to flinch
    Until someone threw it again

    Buried, scruffed, and scuffled
    Regardless, the string tried to sing
    No one remembered how to play it
    And they didn't want to try to learn
    So the ninth note was forgotten

    If Everything in Life was a Sonnet

    8/24/99; 6:50 PM

    If everything in life was a sonnet
    The world would be love and bliss
    You could have anything the way you want it
    And the crowds would want your kiss

    Life would indeed be beautiful
    The sun beaming through the sky
    And spring blooms would be in full
    Their fragrance would make you high

    Never would a look of sadness
    Condemn that child's face
    Only your perpetual kindness
    Would make the child's heart race

    Let these fantasies be real, and one thing would remain true
    Amongst all these sonnets would be my love for you


    8/25/99; 9:51 AM

    The arm quivers
    Breaths get shorter
    And the pen falls from the hand
    A dizzying spell has been cast
    And the victim collapses

    Pain rushes away through the fingers
    It leaves for an eight-hour break
    And its absence leaves a void
    That only the dreams can take

    But pain has no time to leave
    The head shoots back up
    A loud gunshot of a sound could be heard
    Such a noise last only an instance
    And so does the victim's awareness

    The arm is limp
    And the breaths are long
    But everything is peaceful
    The void is filled with wonderful dreams
    Of the victim's only hopes
    And he doesn't want to be healed

    Something Hit the Fan

    8/26/99; 6:13 PM

    I ain't gonna be depressed no mo'
    Life's gotta move on
    And get with the show
    I ain't needn' it no more
    Cuz I ain't getting it anyway

    Life's a bore
    But I'll get over it
    I don't want any more
    But they'll keep dishn' it
    Life is too much for me
    But I'll get over it

    Slap on a smile
    A happy face will make it all go away
    On the outside, and that's okay
    People won't worry about you
    That's good, cuz pity askers
    Are at the end of all the jokes

    Nope, I ain't gonna be depressed no more
    Cuz depression is all I know


    8/26/99; 9:53 PM

    That dream has past
    Hopes of starry nights under the heavens
    Dashed by the rain
    Of turmoil of fearful sadness
    And lost in the vast oblivion above me

    Transfixed in its place
    The gargoyle couldn't move
    And it was battered by the rain
    Only then did it hope that it would hail
    So that it could be smashed into powder

    I was sitting alone
    Watching the stars make their trek
    I never noticed them move
    Still lost in my own imagination
    Trying to remember the dream
    Of my love's infatuation

    Who is it meant for?
    What does it mean?
    Was it meant for me?"
    I cry out in agony
    And then I scream

    Noon Time Driving

    8/28/99; 11:49 PM

    Lackidasically I stumble through the mounds
    I'm grinded down by me search
    All these years
    Of heartless dreaming
    Only now I realize it was a hopeless quest

    I'd see the rain
    But my windows are fogged
    And passing cars are blurs of light
    They hurt my eyes
    As I wither in demise
    Too late to realize I don't know

    I've given up my hopeless quest
    My defroster can't clear the fog
    To the east I look in hope
    And find a mass of green and brown
    I run into the forest


    8/29/99; 9:39 PM

    A gust of wind rushes through my hair
    Chilling me for an instant
    The party members looked bewildered
    By the horrified look on my face
    "Are you sure that was an instant?" I asked

    They reassure me
    But I know they're wrong
    Only slow times pass that fast
    And the memories in my head
    Beat my brain for hours
    My breaths swallow the air

    I blink,
    And like that it's over
    The images are gone
    But the memories linger
    Like photographs set to fire

    Someone awakens me from my dream
    Again they prod the matter
    Wondering what is in my head
    What sick incantation am I to pull

    "Worry not my friend," I tell him
    "It was just the month of August."

    Ending Travesty

    8/31/99; 2:32 PM

    "I broke the window!
    I don't care what you think
    Yes, I took the brick
    Heaved it into the heavens
    And the clouds began to break

    Arrest me, beat me if you will it
    Your will is more than mine
    But in my attempt to escape one last time
    I tried to see the sky

    And a surreal picturesque scene it was
    The beauty was almost perfect
    Much better than I had seen before
    Maybe better than I'll see again

    I know you don't want others to see it
    The sky, the sign of freedom
    Toss their dreams into waste why don't you?
    Gray is your favorite color any
    And the blue is too much for your eyes

    That's right, take the gun
    Point it at my head
    I won't take it back
    Yes, I broke the window!
    And now I have found freedom."

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