Things i Do

The following is yet another running list (cue sarcastic cheering), and this one isn't so negative for once. This list tells of all of the things that I do while I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing. It's rather self explanitory actually.


Throw things in the air
Make annoying clicking noises with my pen
Play with my feet
Write Poetry
Clenth the front part of my hair in my fist
Tell horribly stupid jokes
Put my foot in my mouth
Mix up phrases, such as nast light as opposed to last night
Blink quickly
Wiggle my right foot
scratch my left shoulder
Dance to music in my head
Look like a flaming homosexual
Sound like a flaming homosexual
Twiddle fingers
Make new and interesting shadow puppets
Think of the most effective way to kill the most people in a given situation
Look past my hand to see two hands (double vision thing)
Suddenly think that I'm naked
Pop my right big toe
Violently shiver for a second
Say something really random
Think of the best way to freak out my classmates
Check my watch
Scratch my head
Think very philisophicly
Realize that I haven't thought about something for a while
Make faces
Look into people's eyes
Spin around in circles
Look over my right shoulder
Think about all of my stalkers
Realize that they really are out to get me
Realize that they will be here very soon
Try to remember as far back as I can
Imagine that I am upside down
Listen to the rumblings of my stomach
Try to solve problems that don't pretain to me in any way whatsoever
Dance with just my arms
Rotate my neck
Scratch to back of my neck
Flick the stubble on my chin
Look at the sky
Pop my arms
Think about the future

If everything in life were different, the world would be here

If everything in life was the same, this wouldn't be here