Utter Stupidity

The following is a list of everything that has been deemed officialy "stupid" by me. Don't worry, this page is only meant to offend the easily offended.

People who use one door when there are two perfectly usable ones
Toe piercing
Pop culture
Paranoia of TV violence
Overprotective parents
People who drive and talk on cell phones
The Caste System
Pure Capitalism
People who don't bathe
People who don't breathe but are able to
Pure Anti-Conformist
Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board
Charlotte Mecklenburg City Council
Temporary Insanity Defense for Serial Killers
The idea of "Love at First Sight"
Indian Reservations
Yelling at somone to make them feel better
People who think life is a bowl of fresh cherries
People who think poetry can only be about Bunnies skipping in the sushine
People who think poetry can only be about Death, Sorrow, and other bad and painful things
Baby nudity on TV commercials
People who try to get away with things just because they're popular
Fish flavored ice cream
Over-thinking problems
Getting dizzy in the middle of an ice cream headache
Most school spirit days
At least half of the Earth's human population
Trying to use things from my list of annoyances to annoy me
Mole Day (10/23/99)
Crying because you lost
Getting angry at someone for no reason
Fighting during ones Thanksgiving Meal
Killing over a cookie on Christmas
Playing nothing but Christmas carols on the radio
Losing your car keys in your pocket
Fear of Stupidity
My Computer
Forgetting how many fingers you have
Superbowl Commercials
TV shows that have a sports theme that shouldn't but do
The voices in my head (sometimes)
People who try to be hippies but fail
Soap Operas
Senior Exit Projects
Compaq Technical Support People
Myers Park High School's principal, Dr. Wimberly
People who thought the world was going to end in the year 2000
All of those people who laugh way too loudly when people slip and fall
TV commercials that try to be hip (i can't believe i just used that word)
TV commercials that try to be stupid
One out of every 2.7 sentances that comes out of my mouth
Eating too much soy sauce
Staring at the sun
People who miss the toilet while taking a dump
People who don't flush the toilet
Jumping in front of trucks
Fighting violence with violence without considering other options
Jumping to conclusions
Saying there is no answer to a question
Hating someone because of how they look

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