The Wizzit

Everyone has needs in this world, but some people need more than others. Where some people feel that a large guard dog is sufficient, others constantly run away in fear. Where some people feel that 755 channels on a satelite television is sufficent, while others feel that there is never anything good on TV. Some people feel that technology has made everything better than it ever has been before, while others feel that the grass is always greener. In a world such as these, there is a need for technology to finally overcome this feeling that while things have gotten better, there are still things that need improvement. There is a need for an invention so radical and extrodinary that there will no longer be a need for any more inventions; this is where the Wizzit steps in.

The Wizzit is the be-all-end all of inventions, for it is nothing more than a small velvet box that will solve every person's little problem, and it will attend to every person's need. See, the Wizzit does a miraculous thing, it invents things on its own at its owner's request. One would almost see it as a mad scientist in a box. If a little child needs a shovel that will more efficiently scoop and hold onto sand, that child need not look further that to the Wizzit. Useing its full-proof technology, the marvelous velvet box will look at various options, look at different scenarios, and then uses mathematical data to come up with a shovel quite different and far improved from anything the child had ever seen before. This child, much like anyone else who uses the Wizzit will be satisfied and their life will be made much easier.

Soon enough, much like the television, the Wizzit will be in almost every single household. Soon everyone will be making their own request and asking for their own little things to help make the must mundane task non-existant, and their little household Wizzit will make their dreams come true. If someone no longer wants to walk outside to get the newspaper, the Wizzit will be the answer. If mommy and daddy are tired of taking Suzzy to the doctor because she kicks and screams, the Wizzit will invent something to treat her with care, and without pain, thus making the child be quiet. If someone doesn't want to ever have to get out of bed to do anything, such as go to work or walk the dog or change the diapers or teach the children, the Wizzit will obediantly and quickly develop a device that will do such a thing. At someone's request, the Wizzit will even be a slave.

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