And there they were, screaming in the wind as they fell from the tree. Not just a singular motion, but they shoved each other. Down they fell and into the lake they landed. They both helped each other up. They did everything the same to each other.

And there again, they were screaming in the wind as they fell through the sky. Blinking at each other, they pulled their own rip cords. They laughed in glee, but only then had they realized their independance.

A final time, one guy was screaming in the sky. He didn't know what to do. For once, the other one didn't do what he did. They once would've done anything together, but now they're apart. One fell into the forgotten sea, the other one departed.

He walked into the street, the cars screaming past him. He was never hit, and everyone had bad aim. He went into a jewlery store, and there was a robbery. Everyone was shot, except for him, for he played dead. He now felt smart and cunning, living another day, loving too much his independance. But he could still hear his friend screaming.

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