A Quiet Room in Hell

As I turned around the corner everything became very dark, and with the light went the screams. For the past few hours, I had been traveling through a well-lit area where many violent people were tortured. This sudden darkness was a very drastic change.

As I kept walking I heard a faint moaning from the distance in front of me. There was still no light, so I couldn’t tell where I was going, but something inside me said it was safe to walk forward. It was a horrendous moan to hear. It was soft, but it was obviously one of mental anguish. As I drew closer, its volume increased, much to my dismay.

A vision began to appear in the darkness, and I couldn’t immediately tell if it was real or just another phantasm. Two feminine creatures were bound to each other and were being stared at by a large crowd. Everyone was staring at them, but no matter what the two did, there was no reaction. The crowd appeared to be mesmerized. Every now and then, the two would fling itself to the center of the crowd and moan piteously. It actually sounded similar to the moaning I heard in the darkness now that I think about it.

The vision passed and I kept walking. In the darkness in front of me I heard the sound of two people talking, but I couldn’t make out the words. It sounded like the conversation was near me, but some force beyond my control was distorting it. “This is Hell after all.” I muttered to myself, “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

A lantern lit itself above me the moment after I spoke. It shed an eerie violet light on everything around me. To my left and to my right were barren walls, much like that of an old house, with some wood trimming that needed a new paint job. The floor was a black void that I was somehow walking on. It didn’t surprise me in the least. Hell is beyond human comprehension, so my mind couldn’t exactly interpret all of the external stimuli like it normally would on the mortal Earth. There was nothing behind me, but in front of me was a slightly cracked wooden door. There wasn’t anywhere else to go, so I opened it.

Inside I found a barren room. The walls appeared orange in the violet light, and there were many blank posters adorning the otherwise blank walls. There was a large crowd of people in the room. They were all blank faced and immobile, not even flinching when I entered the room. “Another room filled with vegetables.” I thought to myself, “I didn’t think Satan had that much of a use for them.” It was then that I heard two voices that were all too familiar to me.

“Is there someone there?” The first one asked with a squeally and bubblish pitch.

“Did someone open the door?” The second replied in a slightly softer tone.

They emerged from the crowd like two children starving for attention. There they were, two demons I successfully removed from my life, locked in a small room in Hell. Though it’s good to see they went there, I couldn’t help but feel my heart drop in having to deal with them again.

There they were, Marsha and Laura, two girls that made my life a living hell. They did not emerge from the crowd very easily, as no one tried to move out of their way, not to mention that they were bound together by chains of thorns at their wrist and hips. They had many cuts, as much of their flesh as their hips and wrist were exposed, but they seemed to move with much vigor towards me.

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen anyone!” said Laura “I can’t believe we have a visitor, it’s just so cool!”

“Won’t you stay and listen to us?” chimed Marsha.

I stared at them. I didn’t have much to say, and I couldn’t exactly think of anything creative to tell them to buzz off. Then again, I was rather interested to see what their punishment was in hell, and what exactly their crime was. “Okay…” I stated with little enthusiasm.

They came very close to me and told me their story. For as long as they could remember, they had been bound together and placed in this small room. At first there were very attractive looking and nude men, which made them question if they were in hell or not. However, they wouldn’t react to anything they did. The men would just stand there like statues. For a while they were satisfied with just ogling over them, but when they tried to make a move, they were highly disappointed in their lack of response. Over time, these models of perfection began to lose their features, and they deteriorated to the condition that I saw them in currently, faceless and emotionless. No matter what the two did to get their attention, they failed.

“Yeah, and it really sucks. They were so hot, and there were so many of them, and look at them now!” Laura vented.

“This sucks! This fucking sucks! It sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks!” Marsha chimed.

I felt a little pity for the two. After all, they were given what they wanted, hot men to stare at, yet could do nothing to take advantage of it. I can think of a few times in my life where I was in a similar situation, minus the hot men of course. Yet, at the same time, I couldn’t help all of the wrongs they did to me, and to other men that they met later down the road.

As they continued with their whining and chining in, another vision grabbed my attention. Everything faded to darkness, and I once again saw two feminine creatures. They each took a male in the palm of their hand and twisted it around their fingers. The man was continuously nodding yes. They each then took their respective man and put them into their respective mouths. They proceeded to chew up the poor men and spit them out, leaving them on the ground crawling after them as they picked up other men and twisted them around their respective fingers. The sequence continued until it shattered under the conviction of a voice I wished I wasn’t hearing.

“Hey, are you listening to us or not?” “Yeah! Listen up!”

Ah, the two were just as I remembered them, my visions once again giving me trustworthy insight of the situation at hand. They completely lacked empathy, and would always want things their way within their own miniscule and unattainable models of perfection. They would try to grab the attention of unsuspecting victims and use them to reach this unattainable goal.

“So manipulation gets you thrown into a deep back corner of Hell doesn’t it?” I blurted with a slight twinge of amusement.

“Hey! You weren’t even listening to a word we had to say! We don’t need you. We’re better off without you!” Laura shouted with angry conviction.

“Yeah! You better listen you worthless little…uh…” Marsha attempted to chime.

“Ha, you really don’t need me? You seemed so excited when I came in, I mean, me actually speaking a everything.” I laughed.

Suddenly, the violet light became much more intense to my right. I looked, and was relieved to find that a door had appeared in the otherwise blank wall. I turned to and opened the door. Without a mention of my leaving, or a wave of goodbye, I stepped once more into the darkness.

“Wait! Don’t leave; we aren’t done with you yet. We’re sorry, we were just kidding, you know? Can’t you take a joke?” Laura said with a feverishly yearning pitch.

“Yeah! Don’t leave us here, we were just kidding, just like old times!” chimed Marsha in desperation.

I couldn’t conceal my laughter as I closed the door behind me.

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