The Dream of Octiber 7th, 1999

I've had a dream! Indeed I have and through a bit of meditation and other rememberance techniques provided to me by some webpage that I have now forgotten, I have been able to recall quite a bit of this very vivid dream. Do enjoy...or try at least. I do make some other references to other dreams I've had, they intertwine quite a bit into the world of my dreams. (and not all of the diolouges are exact)

...There I was, standing outside of the "House on a Bayou". The air reeked of moonshine, dead grass, and the occasional rancidness of an aligator. I was standing outside with a mission to go in. My objective had been told to me an hour ago, and it had been a long drive to this house that was indeed in the middle of nowhere. I had been here before, or past this house, for there used to be a roller coaster that passed by it (the coaster was nearly three miles long), and it has changed very little since that time. Now, for the first time, I must enter to complete a task that will indeed be dangerous. Kill Masha Bessonov...

Masha, a friend of mine from younger days, but those days were long ago indeed. That was high school, this is the real world now. Back then she was a very nice yet strange girl. I lost contact with her after I got out of college. I wondered for a moment how much she had changed. Does she still wear her hair long? Does she still run around singing Silverchair? These things blured my mind for an instant, but lead me to the question that first popped into my head when I recieved this assignment...How in the world did Masha get possesed by a demon?

I shrug the thought aside "All of the answers will come soon enough" I said to myself. Now was not the time for thinking, for the house was only about 75 feet away, and the entrance on the other side. The house was still old and rustic looking, with battered white shingles starting to decay and fall off the house. It was three stories, not including what I assumed was an attic and the basement, which I could see from this point of view. All of the lights were on, so I could see that the grass was still patchy and dieing close to the house. Never before had I seen the house at night, and I finally did, for it was very beautiful under the moonlight and the milkyway smiling upon it.

...I reach the front door, and there is a cat sitting there, small, gray, and with very bright blue eyes. It was a very pretty cat. Then I heard two people talking in a balcony above me. I could recognize one voice, but the other I had never heard before. One a man, one a woman. I looked up to see what was going on.

"But you know we were meant for each other. All of the time we've spent together has not been for waste. You know that. Soon, you will look at me and wonder why you didn't take me sooner." the man said, almost as a plea. I could see the man, he had dark hair and a very pointed face. I had never seen him before in my entire life.

"Be quiet, we were never meant to be. We come from two very different worlds." the girl with a recognizable voice said. I couldn't tell who she was, for the balcony was obstructing my view.

"It could work, you never know. Come on, just give me one night! I'll do anything for you, anything with you, and I'll keep you satisfied." the boy said, almost happily and seductivly.

"Shut up you little bitch! AND GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!!" Right then and there I knew who's voice that was, the voice of Masha, my friend and now my enemy. Then she stepped up, and she looked exactly the same as the had before, not even an extra glow in her eyes. I thought for a moment, she could never be possesed. Right after that, she tore the boy's arm off and proceded to eat it up in only a few bites. She didn't even use a napkin.

I listened and watched as the boy gave a very loud blood curdling scream. It brought shivers through my spine and brought a tear to my eye. His arm was gushing blood that almost looked black in the moonlight. Then the boy fell from the balcony, which was on the second floor, and and into the bayou. Masha had dissapeared and everything was tranquil. Shit! I though, I missed an opporitunity to get this over with quickly. I turn back towards the door. The cat was gone, but the door open. Knowing what awaits me, and what very well could possibly be my fate if I try get on Masha's temper too much, I reluctantly entered for what will be one of my most dangerous nights ever...

...there was a party going on inside. I was shocked to see that there are many people there that I know. There was no DJ, nor was there any apparent stereo or anything to play music, but the Korn song "Dead Bodies Everywhere" was playing in the background. Two girls came up to greet me, one named Hiral, who was another friend of mine in high school that I lost contact with post college, and a girl named Angela, who was my girlfriend during my sophamore year at The University of Drerro. Hiral gave me a hug and Angela gave me one as well. They both invited me to come dancing, but I had no time. There was another mission I had to deal with. I told them about Mahsa. Hiral was in a state of non-surprised disbalief, and Angela asked the classic question "Who's Masha?". After a little more talking, I went up the stairs to begin my search, since I did see Masha on the second floor balcony.

I went up the stairs. They were very squeaky, yet they were also carpeted. The walls around them were a very pale blue. I reached the top of the stairway (which was straight by the way) and came across nothing more but a ventialtion shaft. Without a second thought I entered it...

...I am at the end of the shaft now, and I am very surprised to see what I see. Below me is a bedroom, very bland and wooden, with very thin sheet on the victorian bed which obviously stands out from the rest of the room. But the very first thing I catch is the girl with long dark hair changing clothes. We saw each other, she was shocked, and I apologized. She responds with "It's okay, just take go to the left, I should be changed by then". I looked to my left and right and find that the shaft split into three places that go into that room. I followed her advice and took the left shaft. Just as I jumped out of it, she began to say, "Actually, I'd advise you not enter here..."

"Why?" I asked very dumbly. I fell facing the bed. On it were two very skinny people, one a naked woman with light brown skin, the other a skinny dark skinned man who is only wearing pants. I apologized to them as well.

"I would get out of here if I were you!" came from behind me. I look and see a man that I recognized very quickly, JT Sim, my biggest patron in my writing endevors. But he was very different right now. His hair was a lot darker and a bit longer. He was also sitting inside of a 10 foot tall robot remenicient to Transformers...or something of the like. It's all bright and silvery, and it make a very loud electrical hum.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I wondered out loud

"Worry not, you will never meet your goals" he laughed. With that hundreds of his "minions" appeared all around me. The couple dissapeared, as did the bed. In it's place was a good friend of mine named Andrew. He comes up to me and offered me some help with fighting those cretures. Never knowing that he had taken up the art of Yulusalla (a form of martial arts I learnded long ago which one of it's big philosophies is mind over matter and mind). But there were too many, about 200 cretures of every nightmarish variety all packed in a 15X20 foot room. Andrew produced a vail that has a sparkling green ball in it. He said it's some form of nerve gas, and that he was going to use it to escape. Suddenly a portal appeared, Andrew tossed the bottle and we jumped in...

...It is the next day at a pool. We are no longer at the Bayou house (the smells just arn't there anymore). There are lots of people there, none of them I know other than Andrew. He says he has to go and that he will see me tomorrow in math class. After his departure I jump into the pool. I feel somthing pull at my leg and see that it is a little kid with a fish. He offers it to me and I kindly accept.

Out of nowhere, all of those cretures I escaped from at the house appeared in the pool. I hear some form of laughing coming from all around me as they converged on me. The fish bit my finger...


That was when I awoke. The laughter was in my head for about another 10 seconds. A few instances later my alarm went off and it was time for another day to ensue. Quite a dream indeed.

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