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Favorite Band; Pink Floyd

No comments boring...

Favorite Kitchen Item; Spork/Food

  • bah
  • Sporks rule. You can eat spagetti AND you can eat soup! ALL WITH THE SAME THING. --mb
  • but without *FOOD*, spoons and forks and sporks are NOTHING... BECAUSE THEY WOULD THEN SERVE NO PURPOSE
  • Yes, but can you poke someones eye out with food? Sporks are all around the most useful item.
  • If you ever hear of a killing spree in India in which the victims are stabbed to death with plastic forks, you will know that I am behind this madness.
  • miiiiiiicrowave :D Oh, and sporks suck very much. It's hard to eat soup with them, because most of the soup drips out the front, and it's hard to eat anything that requires poking with the prongs, because they're too short and shallow to get a good poke in on anything. And trying to cut something with a spork? Good luck. NO, sporks suck... but microwaves let you cook food in a matter of minutes. How awesome is that? VERY
  • food is best. yes. yes.
  • voted for the coffie pot, where are the other addicted? :-)
  • i'm addicted to coffee too!! who needs a cup when you've got a whole pot sitting there?? and as for the killing spree in india, i suggest using metal forks, they're much eaisier to kill with... not that i'd know... uhh, i think i've said too much already... (who says all that coffee as affected my mind??) hmmm... lets think about this for a while...

    Mental Age; 18 to 20 years old

  • how do you determine mental age? people tell me i'm sixty, so in dog years i'm dead. . .or something. BLEAHG
  • Hey Chris, Herc here. I'm 19 years old, and I kinda feel like I'm that age mentally as well. I may act immature with my friends at times, but I can be really serious and mature as well. Umm, yeah. Have fun, and such.
  • UR A GOOD PERSON, YSE. -TW/zenryoku

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