The Picture Gallery

Update - 11/3/01 - First batch of pictures...hooray for digital cameras.

Let me put it to you like this...I am not a professional photographer. As a matter of fact, I have been told by more than a few that my photography skills suck. That being said, this section is more or less up here just because it can be. I take pictures of things and people that I see, and I put them up here. Maybe you'll get some insight as to what the world looks like through my eyes...who knows?

= New Picture!

Me, Myself, and I
Look into my blank stare
A better picture of me
My injured thumb...part 1
My injured thumb...part 2
Working on "The Comic" in a groovyish shirt.
Someone in this picture needs to shave
Don't let me take pictures of myself please.
See, I have a trash bag...okay?
Here I am working on my comic.
Someone has been working too hard for too long...
This is what I got for Christmas...fwee...

My Humble Abode(s)

My desk and Sephy
Only one person has slept in this bed
Printer and groovy poster
Another cool poster and my stereo
Do I like Final Fantasy VII?
Miraculously, my room was cleaned
I think I see a floor and a made bed...
A picture I drew in creativity class I put on the wall.

The Mostly Beautiful People

Ben Novak, who is looking stranger than usual
DJ Auld wishes my room didn't smell so bad
Meet DJ, sans the bleached hair
Meet Eddie Barnes, rocking out on the guitar
Meet Rory Scott, rocking out as well
Rory has fallen victem to a flash that Photoshop 6.0 can't save
Mary Ashly groovn' down the hall
Only one of them was sober when I took this
Stephanie Blackmon strikes a pose
DJ, Rory, and Vanessa Ross enjoy some Wesly Willis
No...THIS is Wesly Willis...I don't know him
A picture of DJ Summit and his girlfriend Ila that didn't turn out well...
My roommate, Micah Morse
Micah and my next door neighbor Joe Wilbur
A picture under blacklight that I had fun with.
Another one, this of my friend Elissa.
Rory makes a statement.

Family and Relations

My brother-in-law Anthony and my nephew Henry Slater
Marie, my sister, didn't know I was taking a picture
It's the Slaters!
We got the tree on Christmas Eve and decorated it...
A picture of Henry, isn't he cute?
That's better...
My mom gets assistance with her piano
Mom and one of her friends
My brother Dave and his girlfriend Kellan
Once again, they didn't know I was taking their picture
A more posed picture of my father and brother
A picture of my house and my finger.
This is what happens when you can't see the LCD on your digital camera...
Look at the pretty snow!
It only happens once every two years.

Other sections to randomly appear as they do...