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The Most Awesome Quote of All Times - Enough said
The most accurate personality test ever!
Dogpile - Not that kind of pile, it's a sreach engine
Poety Exchange - A Place that will publish anything
Off Centre - A big yet cool website with everything about someone
The Poet's Haven - A great site full of artwork and yes, good poetry
Cyclefly - A kick-ass band from Ireland
Stirring - a nice collection of poems, stories, and other things - This is where to go when you are bored...very bored
Flaming Text - A very good site for web graphics and all that kind of jazz. That's where I got my little images at the top of this and other pages (did i mention you can make your own on there?) - You too can have one of those funderful little things that you can post on like i have in C'est la Vie...go see for yourself (and worship the goat)
Ernie's House of Whoopass - Excellent site, bunch of sick, perverse stuff. You can't see it all in one day.
Emode - More fun test and quizzes, know yourself.
Portal of Evil - If you had faith in humanity, this database of websites will destroy it.

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These are the ones I belong to, rather self explainitory I must say. If you like this site, here are some simmilar ones. And sorry about the added time to load this page.

Dazed Poetry Webring This Dazed Poetry Webring site owned by Chris Ward.

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Haven Webring

This Poetry Haven Webring site
is owned by
Chris Ward

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This Ring of Poetry site is owned by
Chris Ward.

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This Creative Writing Webring
site owned by Chris Ward.
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This Digital Words Site
owned by
Chris Ward.
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The Net Poets Society

Chris Ward is a Members of
"The Net Poets Society"
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