C'est la Vie

Entry 71 - 1/25/00

How odd it must be for many people in Charlotte today, and yesterday as well. It snowed in Charlotte, it really snowed. Not a dinky little 2 inches, but this time, well over 6, at least at my house. Well, that was what was happening last night. Today is kinda depressing because I went on a walk and discovered that much more snow has melted away at my house than anyone else’s has in the neighborhood. Doesn’t that just make sense. Well, it was quite fun to watch come down. And best of all, we are supposed to get more snow tonight…well…maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday wasn’t so great at first. I got out of bed feeling miserable, because my father woke me up screaming at me that I had to go to school, even though he had come in about twenty minutes earlier and said that there was no school. That made me feel bad. Of course, things got worse when I reached school, went to class, and saw it start to snow outside. I thought, “Damn, another little flurry and this stuff will be out of here. I don’t wanna be in school!” Fortunately enough, I was quite wrong.

It began to snow…and snow…and snow some more. It snowed so much that they let classes out early. I couldn’t leave right off because I didn’t have a car ride home, but that was just fine. I got to spend time with friends, which was much better than wasting my time at home wishing I were with my friends. I had a really fun snowball fight, did some other stuff, then I finally reached home. It was still snowing and it was quite pretty.

Today hasn’t been so well so far. It’s 1:03 right now (in the PM), and the snow is melting quicker and quicker. I doubt we’ll have school tomorrow, so that means the beginning of the end of spring break for all of us. That sucks. Of course, my mother is home, and she has been on the internet all day working, so this update won’t be put up until much later in the day. And of course, with my mother home, I have to deal with all of her ranting and raving about me needing to clean stuff up and make myself useful. She is in a pretty bad mood. I hope she isn’t always like this at work.

I hope it snows again, and I hope the stuff sticks around for a while. I’ve had fun with it so far, and hopefully I’ll be having more fun with it soon. Of course, I’d like to be able to drive around sometime, something that I haven’t done since I’ve gotten my license. Well, that time will certainly come soon.

Entry 72 - 1/27/00

It has been quite a while, but finally, the inevitable has occurred. I have returned to school. And you know what…I wish I didn’t have to go there. It’s quite tiring, somewhat boring, and all in all, I have better things to do. But I guess there are just some things that I can’t change, and at least I get to see some of my friends.

Well, what happened to me today? Not too much really. Nearly fell asleep first period. Had a little fun and told a few bad stories third period (don’t we all love block scheduling?). I got a little lonely fifth period. And of course, that feeling of loneliness carried on into seventh period. Why did I start to feel bad, I’ll never know. All I know is that I was working by myself on something, and suddenly I realized that almost everyone in the class was gathered around in this one place behind me joking and the sort. It’s quite sad I must say to start to feel bad over something like that, but for some reason I did. Sometimes, I really do scare myself. It took me about five hours, but I finally got over those bad feelings the same way I always do…doing something else to get my mind off of them.

I am not in the mood for school. What I am in the mood for is to be able to drive and to go out with some of my friends and do something for once. That would be fun. Of course, that is why the upcoming snow (they’re calling for four inches) is a little aggravating. Well…I’ve been hoping for snow for a while. As they say, be careful what you wish for…

One more thing to say and I’m gone. It’s been one whole month…yay! I’m happy! ;-)

Entry 73 - 1/29/00

Another eventful Saturday. I’ve been stuck at home for quite a while, for I haven’t been able to drive. Oh the joy of confinment. What have I been doing today? I’ve been productive, sort of. I did some required reading, and tired to help my computer. Unfortuantnly, that didn’t work because Compaqs suck. On a typically miserable winter day in Charlotte of freezing rain, I have been cooked up with my parents all day. This can only make for one thing, annoying stories! Well…more like just a few stories.

First thing’s first. Those people at technical support have no fucking clue what the hell they are doing. You see, they have my dad delete some necessary files off the computer to try to fix it. As a result, we couldn’t get back into windows and we had to reformat the computer…AGAIN. And this time I almost lost everything on my computer, and if that had happened, I would’ve failed Chemistry for the year, which would’ve really sucked because I have all of my labs backed up on the computer. Fortunanyl, I was able to save everything I needed and everything I wanted, so everything is a little better. It just pisses me off that I had to go through so much unnececary trouble. Oh well, I’m over it, because as least the computer is working and we're finally getting a cable modem. Everything will really be alright in the end…if everything follows the damn script.

As for everything else, there isn’t much else to say considering there isn’t that much I can think of that is that noteworthy of writing about. So, I guess there will be more next time, considering I will have actually done SOMETHING by the next update.

Entry 74 - 2/1/00

One can look here and think for a moment, “What’s happening, is Chris really letting his page go to waste?” I must say that such a thought is far from the truth, but everyone knows that. There is still plenty to put up, and even more to write about, it’s just a matter not having any time whatsoever. Why? Well, that is why I write in this little section. But we all knew that too.

First and foremost, there is something quite huge that is taking up my time. It is a play…no…a musical. And it’s a huge ass musical too. What’s it called, “Barnum, the Circus Musical”. I know plenty of people will look at it and say “Circus…ha!” I may have been among them a while ago, but lo and behold, I’m part of the whole deal now. I have to do a lot of singing (fortunately for everyone in the city of Charlotte, I have no solos). I even have a few lines…yay! But best of all, I have plenty of friends in the cast (not hard considering it’s a huge cast). But still, I have some good friends in the cast, so when times are up things will be more fun, and when times are down at least I’ll have someone to lean on.

Other things…not too much really (now that I think about it). My day was sucking until rehearsals today. I have a nice pain from a pulled muscle in my side from rolling over in bed (a friend of mine so aptly pointed out, “Damn…now that takes talent!”) I’ve gotten very little sleep the past few days.

Now I can recall something, but it’s a little late so unfortunately I won’t go into much detail. I went to a Superbowl Party. I must say that it thoroughly kicked ass. In other words, it was fun, some very good things happened, and some very “interesting” things happened. What did happen? Well, I’ll just leave you to wonder. HAHAHAHA! (I know, that was a poorly timed evil laugh, but I’m done now)

Entry 75 - 2/5/00

Ah, Saturday, finally. Not really, considering how quickly the week went by. Suddenly I have found myself with a whole bunch of work to do, and thus much less time to reflect upon my life that passes before me (much less can I find time to sit around the house wondering when I should start my homework). If there is one thing that I have found this weekend though, it is a thing that has hit me very little this week, a very bad case of boredom. Nothing to do, nothing to do at all. Twice I made plans to go do something today (namely, go to the circus, something I’ve never done in my entire life (I am the deprived child aren’t it?)). And both times those plans have squandered themselves into oblivion. What else is new right? Maybe someday I’ll be able to actually go out and do something with my friends. And I thought I’d have more freedom once I got my driver’s license. How wrong I was.

On that note, there comes across another worrisome note. My dad keeps on taking “my” car (okay, I know it’s a complete POS, but still, it’s MY car and I’d like to use it). Still, the fact remains that my parents are horribly worried about me driving by myself in the city. Okay, they were raised in very small towns with very little traffic. They’ve been living in Charlotte for 12 years I believe now, and yet they still aren’t used to the traffic. Me on the other hand, I grew up with this. I have been able to take the traffic quite well with dad in the car. I can only do better considering that whenever anyone does anything wrong he will reach over me (obstructing my view while driving) just to honk the car horn and to scream bloody murder at the other car. If I didn’t have that distraction, I believe that I would have a much easier time driving.

Onto other things though, for I will be able to drive by myself for once tomorrow (Sunday) when I go to play rehearsal again. Yes, we have it on Sunday. I am actually looking forward to it, considering that I’ve had fun during other rehearsals. I must say that it’s a much better way to spend my time. Let me ask you the reader a question, “Would you rather be sitting on your butt at home wondering what do because you don’t want to do homework, or would you rather be actually doing something that is fun (at the moment, that would be singing a whole bunch of songs)?” I must say that I’d rather go for the latter, since I can have fun and still be with some of my friends. I hope the musical goes well, but we still have much time before it starts. Actually, only two months, and it’s going to come upon us much quicker than we realize. I may as well enjoy the ride while I can.

But since I’ve spent about 20 minutes updating my page (including this), I guess I’ll just have to deal with today’s boredom in some other way.

Entry 76 - 2/12/00

Time has run off so quickly hasn’t it? Just a week ago I was doing a bunch of nothing being a bunch of something to myself, and now I am doing plenty of something with nothing more than anything to do about everything that is going on. In other words, a whole lot has happened this week, and I have had very little time to reflect upon it.

What has been stealing all of my time? That question is simple to answer, and that would be play rehearsal. I have been spending time going through motions, singing horridly, and getting quite sore. What do I have to show for it? Nothing yet, except some tight muscles. Maybe someday something will come up that will prove that all this time I have been spending will add up to what I thought it would be worth.

Enough on that subject though, for there isn’t much to talk about there except for the fact that rehearsal has been happening. So I shall speak of other things, like what I did after rehearsal yesterday. I ate at a Japanese restaurant in which I have no memory of the name. The food was very good, but unfortunately (and possibly fortunately as well) very expensive. We (the people I went with and I) had plenty of free time afterwards, and since we had very little money, we had to be a little more “creative” in what we did. There was The Drug Emporium. Those people didn’t like us. We went in, we looked at stuff. We danced. And then after they kicked us out (or supposivley closed) we frolicked outside their window. That was fun, and I got some practice in doing some “dancing”. We also marched through places and sang while going down the street. That was fun. I also slipped and fell in the middle of the street. That wasn’t fun. Overall, I would say that last night was the most fun I’ve had in a while (okay, since the Superbowl, but that will be pretty hard to match).

Of everything in life, that has been the only real noteworthy thing to speak of that I can think of at the moment. Things have been very ho-hum and stuff. Sure, I had a near death experience last night during a dream. That’s the second time that’s happened. Yeah, I was stirred from slumber this morning by a crash of lightning. Maybe when life loses some of it’s routine, I’ll be able to get back here and put up more interesting stuff.

Entry 77 - 2/14/00

To start with…Valentine’s Day…ha! What a funny little holiday.

Why do I say that? I’m not completely sure myself, I just know one thing for sure, I’ve never really gotten anything (as in seriously gotten anything from anyone, including my parents) on this day. Nor have I ever actually had a “valentine”. So what do losers like me do about it? Nothing…and that is because we don’t know what to do. I am luckier than most losers though, I actually have a girlfriend, but she detest today’s merry little holiday. I on the other hand feel differently about it, but there isn’t really anything I can do other than do…well…I have no clue as to what I can do.

So we move on to today’s happenings and wonderments. Play rehearsal again…yay. Today we got kicked out of two rooms and we sang in a small and very echo filled room. Have I mentioned that I can’t sing worth crap? Well, top that off with the fact that the song that we are doing right now is right out of my range, and you can see my dilemma. Rehearsal wasn’t that wonderful, and it defiantly wasn’t fun.

On top of that, I am having a very distressful case of writer’s block (again). I’ve tried to sit down and write something for the past few days, but nothing has come to mind…so I’ll just have to deal with it until I can. And until that time, I will fall under the burden of being a little more stressed. At least I have a light rehearsal schedule this week.

Well…it’s days like today when things are supposed to go well, things are supposed to be right in the world, and I’m supposed to be in a good mood. That’s the story of my life; things never seem to turn out like they should. There is always tomorrow, just as long as it doesn’t become just another yesterday things should be well. But as for today, I have nothing to say other than “What a funny little holiday” indeed.

Entry 75 - 2/19/00

Oh, how time flows along, far and further away. A week has passed. A week of little sleep and little pleasure, even though there has been plenty happening. Not all of it has been bad. Actually, a lot of it has been good, but not all of it has been well either, and that by no means.

It’s almost one of those things where there is so much to say that there is nothing to talk about. So let me just give a small discourse of what is going on in my head. There is plenty. I have a headache that stems from the feeling of being pulled back and forth. I have been bitched at by my mother for staying on the phone until 11 PM without eating dinner. I get to deal with the school principal not letting the theatre department get any money, so that suddenly we have no funding for our show. More rehearsal starts for it next week. I have dealt with two of my friend’s struggles (or at least heard plenty about them). One of them only had self-enduced troubles, the other is in a very horribly family situation that she should’ve gotten out of a while ago (aka run away). There hasn’t been that much of anything this week that particularly sticks out in my mind.

Never has such a slow moving week looked like such a blur in hindsight. What else is new…eh?

Entry 76 - 2/21/00

Run, run, run, run, left, right, left, left, right, left, right, right, (put hands up and shake them) right heel, back, back left toe, same, (spread legs with a short hop, put hands over my heart) smack, smack, smack and turn head to the right simotaniously, back left, step right, left, turn left, right, left, hop, hop, hop, hop, right, left, hop, hop, hop, hop, turn left, right, left, right, shuffle right, left, right, left, shuffle left, step forward right, feet together, back left toe, same, big step right, turn around, big step right, turn around, right, shuffle right, left, shuffle left, march, march, march, march right, shuffle right, left, shuffle left, march, march, march, march, turn towards audience. Oh, and do all of this and a bit more while singing, and smiling…and getting sore because I’m doing it over and over again. So that’s how I’ve spent plenty of my afternoon, how about you?

Today was one of those days where you didn’t want to be at school, but you had to because someone didn’t know how to predict where a hurricane was going. Well, the day didn’t start well, but it got better as it went along. History and English wasn’t fun, and it didn’t help that I hadn’t done any of the reading over the weekend. I was quite burnt out by the time I hobbled my way over to Drama, where I was entertained by a few good laughs. That was good. Then I went on the Technical Theatre, where a staircase fell on me. That wasn’t so good. I was also stabbed in the shoulder by an exposed screw. That was painful. But I am okay, I only have tetanus, and I’ll develop Gang-Green eventually. Health/PE 9 wasn’t fun, but when is it ever fun? Then there was play rehearsal, where I danced, sang (and sang well for once…yay, there is a song that actually is in my range), and of course, there were the other occurrences. Like being flailed with hair by people how have excessive amounts of it (it wasn’t nearly as soft as I thought it would be).

And now, here I am, slacking off on the computer while I should be typing a chemistry lab. Are my parents here to keep my work in check? Nope. They are off at my mother’s office because her office is moving much closer to home, which is good news for all of us at home. So I sit here typing an adequate update for my webpage and listen to music and thoroughly enjoying myself (even if my aching body, throat and bones are telling me to get some sleep). My parents probably won’t be home until much later, which is good news. But now I must work, because I just realized that it’s 9:30 PM and they won’t be happy to see me on the computer so late.

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