C'est la Vie

Entry 1 - 7/30/99

A star was born today. Ok, so it was a rather small one, but at least my page has finally been created after 3 days in the making. Its nice, but i've gotten some "suggestions". Dark backgrounds are better, agreed.

Enough about that though...what new and interesting things happened to me today. I went to the doctor to learn somthing I already knew, my stomach pains are gone. Why, because my stress levels are down and I'm taking it easier (somthing I'm not good at). I also got a call from a good friend of mine today named Desi (who I will write a lot about). It was good to hear from her again, even though I didn't like some of the things she said. Oh well, the day is done now...so I will carry on.

Entry 2 - 8/1/99

A good nights rest followed by oversleeping. But I was resting on the Sabbath so it was ok, or so I thought any ways. Then again, I didn't like it too much because I meant to wake up at 9:30 but rose at 11:30 instead. Ooops. I had a rather silly dream last night, but I don't remember too much of it. I remember becoming a bounty hunter and trying to kill people with a mustard shooter. Then there was another part where a guy at a pizza stand announced "Mr. Jones at the doughnut stand isn't here today.". I screamed "NO!" for over a minute. That is all of the dream that I remember.

Entry 3 - 8/1/99

Today has been quite a whirlwind day, and it hasn't been a good thing at all. Way too much running through my head, and it's driving me mad. Of course though, you talking to one crazy person. Anyway, it all started when I went on a walk. Mom and Dad were really pressing me about it, so I got tired of hearing it and left. I though too hard about things again. I went to the elementary school, Lansdowne, to think for a spell. I got ran off the campus though because they thought I was smoking (was it the shirt?). After constant thinking, I got a call from a friend that my parents don't like too much. I try to call back after taking a shower (it was an hour-and-a-half walk) and I was dead tired. I couldn't reach the friend on the phone. Later that night, I sigh, and it gets my dad quite anygry. Next thing you know, he starts ranting and raving and other not good things. I havn't taken it too well, even though Pink Floyd has calmed me down for now, this will be a dispute that will be very drudging to settle. And that has been my day.

Entry 4 - 8/5/99

Quite a few days have passed since a rather disintrested audience last heard from me. Oh well, a lot of the same has been happening to me lately. Getting calls from people, and my parents thinking its all the same girl, Desi. Actually, I've had quite a few lively talks with a few of my other friends.

I also met this girl online last night. Usually i don't talk to people i don't know online, but i felt like it last night. She reminded me a lot of how I used to be, sad, lonely, and giving up on a lot of things. She is rather troubled, but seems to take hers to seriously (like I do sometimes). I talked to her some, I made her feel a little better, and I hope I can help her. I needed someone to talk to back when I was in that situation, and she probably doed now. Even though online talking is very impersonal, maybe i can make a good impression.

Entry 5 - 8/8/99

Wonderful...and I'm not being sarcastic. I have just seen the best movie I've ever seen and the best musical I've ever seen in two days. The musical, Rent, and the movie, Sixth Sense. Rent, while being a bit vulgar is still very good (maybe that's a reason...). And Sixth Sense was very suprising. Like Instinct, it was wrongly portrayed in the previews. Lets put it this way...the ending was suprising, but when you think about it you hit yourself in the head.

In other news...well, if there was much other news, I had a nice talk with my parents about lots of things you wouldn't normally. To put it suttuly in a plain way, we went to a Resturant/Brewery and my dad had the sampler. It was interesting so to speak. This morning, he wasn't in the best mood...enough said. Also, I got some good comments on my page, happy day!

Entry 6 - 8/9/99

What irony i have found today at the end of the day. My parents were so proud of me because I played piano so well. I played Fur Elise for them, the piece that I play best, but all I could do is be happy that they liked it and laugh at all of the irony that they didn't see, much less would they understand.

So sue me if I'm on cloud nine. I'm feeling wonderful because I've had such a good day, and such a good weekend. But let us discuss this piano playing laced with irony. I had a great time at the movies, and talking to Desi. I play piano with quite a bit of emotion, and it usually is a mirror of how I'm feeling. I was feeling wonderful, but my parents probably thought that was because they were so proud of me. Really though, I already was happy (almost blissful actually). What my parents wouldn't see is the fact that it was mostly Desi (the one who my parents think drag me down so much) who had brought that happiness to me. She wrote me something that realy touched me, and it is still sticking this me. Thanks a bunch Desi ;-)

But another irony is the fact that I am getting very sick of piano. I have been pushed too hard and it is getting very repeditve. My parents told me I ought to practice everyday, but I just shook my head. I don't want to do that, my thing is writings, not piano. Sometimes I enjoy piano, but writing is my passion now. My parents were telling me to do something that I am not going to do, but that's ok. I've made my mind already.

This reminds me of two things. First, I am relieved that my parents are allowing me to go to a party this friday at Desi's house. My mom immediatly volenteered to drive me there, just so she could meet her. This could be interesting. The other things is my friend Evan's writing in my guestbook. He said my writing is an eye looking at me that he had never used before (ok, so it wasn't in those words, you can read for yourself). But I do agree, it is quite a differnet and more true look at me.

Entry 7 - 8/11/99

I had a dream last night, and it was quite weird. The only part I remember it was...

I was in a house with no one I knew. There is a soft knocking at the door. At responding, a man in a tattered white shirt and dark pants pulls a gun on me. I recognize him and greet him. The people in the room panic and run away. He shoots me in the belly, but it doesn't hurt at all. Next thing I know, he is bleeding from his stomache and I am spouting off some spiel about how he is bleeding the blood that he has shed.

Nothing much else today. Life is quiet outside of getting prepared for school. My granny is here, and she has cleaned the house quite a bit (even though my room is still the mess it will always be). Other than that, nothing too special is going on.

Entry 8 - 8/13/99

School, looming soon and the threat is very imposing. Regardless, at least I had most of a night to take my mind off of it.

I think back to when my friend JT inveted my over to his place, and I had to refuse because of all the work I had to do. Didn't I leave IB to escape all of this? Oh well, its a shame I couldn't go, but there will be other opporitunities.

Tonight was very good. I went to a fun party at Desi's house and got to meet all of those strange/wacky/happy people that I had heard over the phone so much. I has a good time and got to listen to some really good music performed by a good friend of Desi's. (On another note, her house was nothing like I imagined it) I was sad when I had to go, because I knew with my dad's coming that I would be thrown back into reality quickly. But at least I got to escape for a good four hours, and that was a wonderful feeling.

Also, my mom and dad got to meet Desi's parents (a moment I dreaded) and things went well. I could ramble on about this party forever, but I think I'll just let it wait until I scribble my report on the summer.

Back to reality's return; it wasn't fun. Dad was angry because the Carolina Panthers lost (what else did he expect?). He wouldn't shut up, which was even more annoying, and eventually, I had to bust out the Korn and play it nice and loud. Isn't Korn so calming?

That's that for today, which can be put in these terms, Friday the 13th was good and fun, but the 14th won't be so wonderful I'm sure, because today would be very hard to match. That is all.

Entry 9 - 8/15/99

Wow, my mind is officially fried. I just finished reading two books in four day, and a whole lot of stuff has happened to me too. And 620 pages later, I am somehow still able to write about it.

First and foremost (chroniclogically of course), my brother has said goodbye, and is back to the land of bliss a.k.a. UNC Greensboro. The Theatre Ed major is roomed with a computer sience major, finally, he has a computer geek he can relate to. The house has been pretty boring since his departure.

Home hasn't been much of anything since then other than a pile of boredom and bookreading. I have spent a lot of today and yesterday reading. However, I did talk on the phone some with the only person who has been mentioned in this section more times than you probably have toes. One thing though, my summer has once again ended in the same condition as it began, because I have a girlfriend now, and its the same person. Yay! I know my parents will get a real kick out of this news.

Entry 10 - 8/18/99

Today I had my first real day of school. The first two days were spent sitting around and doing nothing while waiting for my schedual to change. Honestly, I am glad that happened because now I have even more reasons to drop IB. Now I'm out and I feel free. The night after the first day of school was very forgettable, Would you like to know more?

Things have been rather boring and quiet and hot. Very hot indeed. The bus rides were bad until I found a bus that I could pick up where I wouldn't have to go to the stop until 6:20AM. I missed it this morning though, and that made my parents very happy.

This has so far been a rather uneventful schoolyear, but I'm only three days in.

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