C'est la Vie

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The past and the present and the future all long to be one, but they could never be. One may know that they don't know what the future will hold, but anyone can tell that the past has many valuble lessons. And listed here are my lessons of what I've learned in my life, in my time, in these recent months that have past by so...moderatly fast.

Me is what you want to know about, so it must be one reason why you are here. And here is the place where I am put under a microscope and fried for your viewing/reading pleasure. I'm glad you chose to come here though, some of these things will be quite entertaining, and the others will make you sit back and thing "Damn, that guy's quite a dumbshit."

But a small preface before you read, for I have changed this one because school had changed me. I am very much into theatre. It's good, fun, funny, and a very good outlet (usually better than writing, but I'm better at writing). I also love to write...as you might have notices with the proceeding caption. I love lots of music, just not country of folk or new age jazz, if those things count as music. My current favorite band that I've heard enough from to call them that would be Led Zeppelin, Korn, The Marvelous 3, The Who, Live, NOFX, Reel Big Fish, and others that I can't remember at the moment...sorry. I try to be nice to people, even though I somtimes fail, and other times shove my foot straight down my throat. I have also been deemed "The King of all Inane Things", or in other words, a walking, talking, dancing pile of pointlessness.

But on the flipside of all of those things, I can get in some very bitter, nasty, and dark mood. I tend to have a "negative self-confidence complex". People tell me that I am one of the most unaproachable people they know, and looking in the mirror, I can' be surprised. Somtimes without realizing it I look like I don't want anything around me, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Some people also think I am homosexual (not trying to be politically correct, just trying to make sure there is no misunderstandings), but that isn't true either.

A few final notes. I listen to the voices in my head constantly, so if one is to see me talking to myself, they shouldn't be very surprised. I am also quite...well...I'm missing a few screws. I'm very emotional, not Bi-polar though, just out of my mind. I have mental blanks all of the time some of the time. I think very quickly though. I am very much a humanitarian, and will go at any length to save a life. I have also been told and I'd like to believe that I am a very loyal friend. But if there is one thing that could be called my biggest downfall, it would be the fact that I am too selfless. I care very little for myself, and therefor have extremly low self esteem, and I have a tendancy to need others too much to fufill myself. Think of it...a male that is dependant. Go ahead...laugh all you want, I'm laughing right with you. Better yet, why don't you actually learn somthing about me and read about my everyday occurences.

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