Is it Chris?

Now in convenient SOMEWHAT-LIST FORMAT!!!
Mis-splellzingzs Inclouddiede

Class: Freshman (thank you capitan obvious.)
Height: 6'0, Weight: 201 (and falling I hope,) Eyes: Dark Brown, Hair: Uncooperative and Brown
Birthday: 3/11/83 (do the math...FWEE,) Major: English & Theatre (watch as it changes.
Confidence: Low, Competence: Moderate, Constitution: Very High, Charisma: Moderately Low
Average Attention Span: 90 minutes on a good day, 9 seconds on a bad day.
Previous Nicknames: Christy, "Hey You!," Wayward, Bitch, Topper, Capitan Foot-in-his-Mouth
Five Prominent Character Traits: Quiet, Exsistentialistic, Literal, Intelligent, Honest
Is My Glass Half-Full or Empty: is merely occupied.
Noise that Best Describes Me: Wind blowing in the trees.
Noise that Best Describes My Mind: A crowded room filled with discussion.
High School GPA: 3.2, Predicted College GPA: 3.1
Pointlessness of this Sheet: HIGH
Percent Chance of Burning Out This Semester: 58%
Percent Chance of Writing a Poem Today: 13%
Percent Chance of Unintentionally Making Somone Feel Uncomfortable: 84%
Percent Chance of That You're Looking for Micah: 72%
Percent Chance that You Stopped Reading: 44%
Metaphorical Self Description: My head is in the clouds, my feet are on the ground. (Uhoh...)
Number of Voices/Residents in My Mind: 3 (including myself.)

Feel free to talk to me sometime. Contrary to popular convention, I wouldn't mind it at all.