Things that make me go erg

These things are quite annoying...all of them. I don't care what you say. I don't care if you think these are the best things in the world! I tell you, these things are all annoying and know.

There are many annoying things, and there will be many more...but the ones I can think of are listed here in no particular order.

America's need to be trendy
All boy "bands"
Tommy Hilfiger
New Age Jazz
People talking on cell phones in cars
Plea of Temporary Insanity
Overplayed Commercials
My Parents
Male country music singers
Playing with chewing gum
People who complain too much
People who get everything handed to them on a silver plate
The "in" crowd
Complete ignorance
Writer's block
Mental blanks
The world's need for organization
Bright Colors
People who put their foot down too hard
Those readings before standardized test
Unforgiving parents
People blowing smoke in my face while I'm driving
People telling you "Everything will be alright", even though they don't know you
Forgetting that good dream you had the night before
Sitting for long periods of time on a bench
The back of the bus singing
People who are easily offended
People who constantly use cliche's
Forgeting to eat a meal
Sleeping problems
Getting beaten by stuffed animals
The itch of the tag on the back of my shirt
Not having enough food
Unkept promises
Being Grounded
Mean dogs
Sleeping on a old bed
Constantly getting poked in the back
Over interested relatives
Meaningless holidays
The thought of having to spend New Years alone
That nagging feeling of lonliness
Being sick
Throwing up
Phone batteries running out
Chapped lips
Sales calls that wake me up
The constant butchering of the song "Aquarius" by other bands
Not being able to figure out what is wrong in my head
Me constantly annoying myself
Driving with my parents in the car
Getting giant snowballs trown at the back of my neck
My parents asking me if i know the answer to every question on every quiz show
Melodramatic acting
Really having to use the bathroom during a lecture
Slipping on ice
Having your butt get sore from sitting in a chair too long
Typing overly repeditive messages
My ineptitude towards many things
Music award shows
Having the same two songs stuck in your head for a week
Whining children
Having a dry throad
People repeating stuff to you 50 times
Being very cold at night
Screaming Children
Getting woken up by a dog licking your nose
Clocks that tick really loudly
Stubbing your toe
Jamming fingers
Feeling Fat
A writer with no talent
Doing make up and gelling my hair for a show
Closeminded people
The national media beating a dead horse
Losing my watch
Videogame addictions
Wearing wet clothes

Randomness makes the world go 'round, that and money that is

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